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High-Level Office Move

Eanta specializes in office relocation for multinational companies, technology companiesother large offices in China. Office relocation involves many itemstypes, processesarrangements are particularly important. When the companythe customer sign the relocation contractdetermine the specific relocation time, we need to prepare packaging materials, personnel arrangement, vehicle configuration, site supervisor to prepare labels.  Please note on the label, building number, seat number, box number, name, list, etc.customer specific requirements and details. 

The company sends part of the carton tapeother materials to the customer in advance, so that the customer company staff can seallabel their personal belongings in advance, write down their new seat number, nameso on.  This item must be discussed with the customer in advance, all personal belongings should be wrapped in cartons and sealed. 

Computers, large itemsoffice furniture are packed by our professionals to prevent damage. Each department is carried out separately to prevent confusion. Each item packed should be labeled by the supervisormarked with the number of pieces. 

In handling, we need to do a good job of protection on the ground, the wallthe elevator, to prevent damage when handling. Computer box will be moved at first, then follow the office furnitureother big & heavy items, computer box cannot be stacked with other heavy objects to prevent damage. 


Before moving out, each piece of goods must be numberedwith both sides ‘s registered, after loading into the vehicle, shipped to the new address, the number of boxes must keep the same. We will place the boxes to each seat according to the instruction, unpack the carton, install the furniture, after all completed, by the other side of the signature recognition can be all evacuated. 

Handling and operation are mainly based on the actual situation, everything is to the site as the standard, flexible strain at any time.


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