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Door to Door Family Move


According to the personalized requirements of high requested customers, free pre-survey, develop the best option. Our company is equipped with on-site English-speaking supervisors to communicate with customers without barriers, leading professional packaging masters to carry out door-to-door packaging, loadingunloading, transportation, unpackingused furniture installation,finally collecting the debris. Customers do not need to do their own work, so that customers personally experience the "anxiety, peace of mind". 


Specific operation: 

Our surveyor come to door for the pre-survey, listen to customer requirements. Confirm the perimeter, routeparking location. Be prepared for anything. 

Option and quotation: according to the survey report, make the most professional option and quotation. Confirm before moving arrangement. 

Start moving: to communicate with the property in advance, confirm all the details, to ensure that the move smoothly, complete on time. 

Moving site is also” one to one "service by the supervisor to customer, convey specific requirementsinformation.  According to the location of the site to make a liststandards, all items according to the requirements of packaging protection, especially for fragile items, valuables protection packaging, our company has always been adhering to the "item safety first" as the criterion. 

After moving into the new home, according to the specific requirements, we will place the boxes to the designated roomunpack, installation of furniture, and finally remove the debris at the same day.

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