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International Move

As the member of the international move association, professional operation international move.  The general process of personal effects between ries is more complex, our company provides door-to-door packaging, sea & air transportation, customs clearance, delivery to the new home abroad, unpacking, used furniture uninstall & install, take away unpacking debris one-stop service. Eanta truly let your cross-border move become simple, at ease. 


*International moving includes the following services processes: 

*Consultation: immigration moving, home to settle personal items door to door service, international, domestic & local move, international travel to study luggage delivery; 

*Packing and turnover of household items: professional packing & packing (contract workers materials) goods turnover storage, consignment; 

*Customs clearance: identification of local & destination cultural relics, customs declaration, inspection, customs clearance;


*Transport services: local truck handling, international air transport, international sea transport; 

*Furniture delivery & installation: transportation, delivery, unpacking, cleaning waste, furniture assembly, disassembly; 

*Personal belongings insurance & claims; 

*Value-added housing extension service for enterprise customers; 

*Donation and disposal of legacy items;  

*House leasing, furniture repair house maintenance consulting; 

*Supporting living services admission referrals; 

*Other relevant cross-border services; 

*Transnational moving service process; 

Process: Free pre-survey -- provide professional moving plan quotation -- customer confirmation-- arrange professional team door-to-door packaging and transportation to our warehouse -- confirm with foreign agent the clearance documents is correct -- export declaration -- arrange international transportation -- customs clearance release at destination port -- destination delivery, unpack, installation -- collect & unpack garbage -- finished.  

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