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Professional moving service company | 10 years of service experience, the best choice of  million customers

More than 10 years moving experience
Servicing more than 10000 families

Reasonable price
Professional moving team

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No.1 Eanta Brand Guarantee

Witness the development of high-level moving history in China, we are  committing to improve the standards of the moving .

No.2  Why choose us?

Eanta has a professional team  with more than 10 years  for package, on-site equipped with ChineseEnglish supervisor,a self-provided warehouse  ,to meet the long-termshort -term storage needs of customers.We have an extensive global network of professional agents,providing the most professional system of one-stop relocation services,no matter where you want to move? we can make your home easy & safe.

No.3  Service Guarantee

One to one service ,the price is reasonable ,no any hide charge.  Professional moving  assessment to ensure the quality of handling.English supervisor follow up the whole process .

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