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Exhibition Logistics

Eanta provides professionalcomprehensive logistics services for domestic and international exhibitions. We can handle domesticinternational exhibitions, trade fairs, sports eventslarge-scale performance activities, and meet customers' pre-exhibition consultation, ATA carnet applying, customs clearance, delivery, returntransfer services.


These services Including:

1. ATA carnet application for approval; 

2. Importexport customs clearance service for exhibits; 

3. Full Seaair transportation service for exhibits; 

4. Storage service for exhibits at homeabroad; 

5. Arrangewithdraw the exhibition; 

6. Return transportation of exhibitsrelated equipment. 

picking up, packingshipping to domesticinternational destinations, customs clearance, on-site supportbusinessinsurance consulting, we focus on real-time capabilitiescustomer satisfaction, while keeping abreast of industry needs to keep everything under control.  

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